Eutychus Falls Asleep

October 13, 2017

(From Acts 20:9-12)

Now some of you perhaps have heard
how Paul in Troas preached the Word;
and how the week so quickly passed
that on the night that was his last
he preached quite long to compensate
(although the hour was very late).

But some there are who still don’t know
that seated by an open window
there was one weary listener
whose sleepiness caused quite a stir!

Eutychus (YOU-ti-kus) was the young man’s name.
It’s hard to say who was to blame,
but Eutychus couldn’t stay awake

which just then was a great mistake.

For when he dozed he came to spill

right past the the third floor windowsill!

And then he plunged three stories down
Until at last he hit the ground!
And there I’m told he breathed his last.
All those who saw it were aghast!

But Paul embraced the fallen lad,
and in the only voice he had
(though things looked rather dark and grim)
Paul said, “The life is still in him!”

And so it was, for soon he rose
And wiggled all his sleepy toes
And gave the crowd a great surprise
When soon he opened both his eyes.

And how the people wept for joy
to welcome back their sleeping boy,
and praised the Lord, that though once dead
he rose once more — and went to bed.

And go to bed they all now did
and closed each heavy, weary lid.
And dreamt of Him Who’d paid the cost
to give them life which they had lost.