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Letter to the American Church – Study Guide

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The Letter to the American Church Study Guide serves as a companion workbook to the bestselling book by Eric Metaxas. In his thought-provoking work, Metaxas draws striking parallels between the failure of the German Church in the 1930s to oppose tyranny and injustice, urging the American Church to take action. However, answering this call to action may require venturing into unfamiliar terrain. To assist readers in taking their first steps, this study guide offers daily reflection questions and weekly discussion groups, facilitating engagement with the material. Each chapter summary provides a condensed overview, enhanced by a convenient word bank featuring key terms and concepts. Moreover, the guide concludes with a guided prayer for each chapter, inviting readers to humbly seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

“There is something unavoidably humbling about the idea that God would wish to speak through us, but of course that is precisely the nature of what it is to be a child of God. He wishes to have a personal relationship with us precisely so that He can lead us and guide us in all that we do. So in writing the book I am but one part of what He wants to accomplish, and an utterly useless and failed part if you who read it don’t receive the message and act upon it with all that is in you. This study guide is meant to help you in that.”

—Eric Metaxas

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“You must read Letter to the American Church! If you love God’s church, and if you love people and want them to know the truth about God, heaven, hell, and eternity, you must read the book. If you care about the kind of world your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will live in, you have no choice; you have to read the book. Buy the book, read the book, then buy as many more copies as you can afford and pass them out, starting with your pastor.”

SHAFER PARKER in the Western Standard

“Even though Dietrich Bonhoeffer is dead, like Abel, he still speaks. In Letter to the American Church, Eric Metaxas has given him a megaphone. We would do well to heed this five-bell alarm.”

ANNE GRAHAM LOTZ, author of eleven books, including Just Give Me Jesus

“I personally think Letter to the American Church is Eric Metaxas’s most important book for us today.”

ERWIN W. LUTZER, pastor emeritus, The Moody Church, Chicago