“If religion in America is dying, then someone will have to explain Eric Metaxas.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Mr. Metaxas has a way of prizing civility while both staking out strong positions and defending the right of others to speak out.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Eric Metaxas [is] one of our nation’s most brilliant and morally serious public intellectuals.”

Robert P. George, Princeton University

“I am reading through your book, SEVEN MEN for the second time and am once again greatly moved. You tell the stories of these men with such conviction and emotion that some parts have brought me to the point of tears.”

John H.

“Metaxas’s MARTIN LUTHER is a breathtaking achievement and a gripping read. Bold, fast-paced, and magisterial like its hero, yet always stylish and witty like its author.”

Os Guinness
Author of Impossible People

“A marvelous, brilliant book that is equal parts biography, theology, political philosophy, and cultural history.”

Mark Helprin
Bestselling author of Winter’s Tale and A Soldier of the Great War

“Eric Metaxas has blessed us with yet another indispensable biography.”

Bret Lott
Bestselling author of Jewel and nonfiction editor of Crazyhorse

Speaking Events


Cornerstone University’s Wisdom Conversations
Grand Rapids, MI

Eric will be a keynote panelist at Cornerstone University’s Wisdom Conversations in Christ Chapel at 7:00pm with a book signing to follow. For more details, click here!


Envision Gala 2023
Dallas, TX

Eric will be the keynote speaker at Envision Gala 2023 at 6:00pm at the Arts District Mansion in Dallas, TX. For more details, click here!


San Antonio Pregnancy Care Center
San Antonio, TX

Eric will be speaking at San Antonio Pregnancy Care Center’s Annual Celebrating Life Gala at 7:00pm with a book signing to follow. For tickets and additional information, click here!

“Eric is one of the most interesting and insightful moral thinkers in the United States.”

Dennis Prager, Radio Host

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