One and One

October 13, 2017

As long as one and one make two
And two divide to one
I know that night will have the moon
And day the golden sun.

I know God made all things connect,
The numbers and the stars.
He made the housefly to depend
On Jupiter and Mars.

And when he made it all I know
He hardly could resist:
The atoms in a seagull’s wings
Are just like those in Saturn’s rings,
And in a baby’s wrist.

And though we’ll never know just why
(No reason would suffice)
I understand that certain mists
Affect the thoughts of physicists,
(As well as those of mice.)

And on and on it goes from there;
It’s all connected everywhere:
A quarter note and corporal’s tent,
An emerald and part of Lent.
It gives me such encouragement,
A glacier and a pear.

So when the things you lean upon
Appear to come undone.
You might just add a pair of ones
And halve them back to one.
Though other things may work as well
It’s what I’ve always done.

And then at night we’ll watch the moon
Traverse the sky like a balloon.
At day the golden sun.