September 19, 2017

We are the lilies (of the field)
and we don’t need a sword or shield.
And we don’t need a folding chair
to sit down here (or sit down there).

And we don’t need a coat or hat
to cover this (or cover that).
Nor do we need a parasol
or much of anything at all.

It seems to be the truth indeed
that we have everything we need.
And more than that, if truth be told,
though what we have cannot be sold.

We’ve got the stars (& sun & moon).
We’ve got the months (incl. June).
We’ve got the sky (in blue or gray).
We’ve got the night time (and the day.)

We’ve got the sounds that crickets make
and have the bird songs (when they wake).
And then on top of everything
we have the dew that mornings bring.

And when the rain begins to fall
we think of Him Who made it all.