Lenora The Mockingbird

October 23, 2017

Lenora was a mocking bird!
Who always sang just what she heard.
She sat atop a willow tree.
And therefrom made her mockery.
(All those who heard her were agape,
There was no bird she couldn’t ape.)

So if some sparrow tweeted tweet!
Lenora, mocking would repeat.
And no sound from another bird
So sparrowlike could e’er be heard.

Or when some bluejay cawed its caw,
Lenora so would work her jaw
That out did come a caw so true,
It seemed to turn her plumage blue.

Lenora’s ear was so astute
She heard the ripening of fruit.
And if by chance you’d heard it too,
She’d reproduce the sound for you!
(Although you well might look around,
Such ears are very rarely found.)

But when she met a mockingbird,
Lenora found it most absurd.
For as she sang her mocking tune,
She wondered: who was mocking whom?