Jame’s Magic Coat

October 23, 2017

O! James had a great big swallow-tailed coat,
And in it James would rise and float.

What joy it was to float and rise;
Each time it was a grand surprise.

And so when James was feeling sad
He’d wear the best coat that he had

And up into the air he’d go,
Right through the clouds that made the snow.

He’d touch the blueness of the sky
As flocks of geese went sailing by,

And under him he’d hear the birds
Who sang with notes instead of words.

And this would always make James smile,
And then just for a little while

He’d fly up into outer space
to touch the moon’s bright shining face.

And then he’d turn to see the sun
Whose beams brought life to everyone.

And then he’d float to their gold source
With just his arms to stay his course;

and when he’d kissed the sun good night,
he’d know that he had seen the light;

and then he’d fly back home to bed,
to rest his tired, golden head

and dream of flying to the sun,
to bring back joy for everyone.