Aloysius The Lion

July 30, 2017

Aloysius was a lion
With a mane of yellow hair.
And he’s never, ever brushed it.
“And you can’t make me!” he sneers, “So there!”

Please tell us, sloppy Aloysius,
With your mane so golden yellow.
Tell us, pray, what makes you
Such a slovenly and unkempt fellow?

Is there neither comb nor brush
To tame your golden mane so fair?
Just what example would you set,
Thou ruler with unruly hair!?

Now, he rises with his answer!
See the jungle’s fearsome king!
“Ah, ya wouldn’t understand,” he says.
“On accounta it’s a lion thing!”

And so into his realm he pads,
but as he goes he grumbling adds:

“Plus, if my hair was gelled and coiffed,
The other beasts’d think me soft.
Lest we gets taken to the cleaners,
We lions puts on tough demeanors!”