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What are miracles, and why do so many people believe in them? What do they tell us about ourselves? And what do we do with experiences that we cannot explain?

In Miracles, now a New York Times Bestseller, Eric Metaxas offers compelling — sometimes electrifying — evidence that there’s something real to be reckoned with, whatever one has thought of the topic before. Miracles is also a timely, thoughtful, and civil answer to the books of the “New Atheists” — Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris — who have passionately asserted not just the impossibility of miracles and the supernatural, but the outright harmfulness of belief in them.

Metaxas — whom ABC News has called a “witty ambassador for faith” — provides the measured and wide-ranging treatment the subject deserves, from serious discussion of the compatibility between faith and science to astonishing but well-documented stories of actual miracles from people he knows.

A more current, anecdotal, and personal version of C. S. Lewis’s 1947 book on the subject, Miracles is a powerfully winsome challenge that miracles are not only possible but are far more widespread than most of us ever might have imagined.

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“With wit and wisdom, Eric Metaxas will blow your mind with stories of phenomena beyond anything we might classify as merely natural. And he will bless your heart with what can happen in your life personally as you read stories of people (very smart people I might add) who “extra-ordinarily” encountered God’s majestic purpose converging with their daily lives, stunning and humbling them forever. Are you next?”

Emerson Eggerichs, author of 2007 ECPA Book of the Year, Love and Respect.

“Miracles is a clarion call to any who, like Dante, have lost la speranza dell altezza. The rich variety of testimonies sing a song of hope and should rekindle in us the glorious certainly that there is a loving God, who is always there willing to help us.”

Dame Alice von Hildebrand, author, Memoirs of a Happy Failure and The Privilege of Being a Woman

“If you’re a skeptic, read this book with an open mind and you might just discover that miracles are real. If you’re already a believer, be ready to be inspired.”

Kirsten Powers, columnist for USA Today and The Daily Beast

“The miracles in Miracles — and Eric’s own amazing miraculous experience — bring out the fact that the miraculous gift of eternal life that God provides can be experienced here on earth.”

Luis Palau, International Evangelist

“As a secular reader, I come to such books with a certain resistance. Metaxas won me over instantly by meeting me where I live. His intellectual honesty, coupled with an open-hearted wonder at the sheer breadth of human experience, is irresistible.”

Christopher Noel, author, Impossible Visits

“Miracles is just what I needed to remind me to keep asking to see the miraculous.”

Joy Eggerichs, Creator, The Illumination Project, and Founder of Love and Respect Now.

“In his inimitably entertaining way, Eric Metaxas shows us that it is okay to believe in a world in which God still speaks and shows up in the cosmos and the lives of people just like you. By opening this book, you’ll embark upon a divine conspiracy. Are you ready?”

Gregory Alan Thornbury

“Metaxas has done it again….he presents hope for the tone deaf who cannot hear the splendor of the music of the spheres, and he brings in sunlight for modern cave dwellers who have become accustomed to only shadows on the wall of our increasingly windowless world.”

Os Guinness, author Long Journey Home

“A dense, edgy and awe-inspiring report on the possibility of the impossible.”

Dr. Markus Spieker, Reporter for German National Television and bestselling author of Hollywood Cinema in Nazi Germany

“Take the brilliant mind of Eric Metaxas, add the provocative topic of miracles, and get ready to change the way you see reality forever.”

Erwin Raphael McManus, Founder of MOSAIC and author, The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art

“Eric Metaxas is like C.S. Lewis but with jokes: intelligent, spiritually profound, and full of wit. In Miracles, Metaxas himself is a testament that genius and religious faith are not mutually exclusive.”

Susan E. Isaacs
author Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir

“With this beautiful and moving and thoughtful new book, Eric Metaxas proves yet again to be a writer of the first order….Miracles is a cool rain of intelligent truth.”

Bret Lott
Best-selling author of Jewel; Non-fiction editor, Crazyhorse

“Metaxas provides a compass for our intellect and inspires our journeys with profound miracle stories — with his attuned humor shining throughout.”

Makoto Fujimura
Artist and Founder, International Arts Movement (IAM)

“Read this book to confront your doubt. Read this book to face down your fear of the afterlife. Read this book to re-enchant your humanity.”

Owen Strachan
Author, Risky Gospel

“Metaxas’s Miracles mixes storytelling with logic and inspiring beauty with profound mystery. It’s an intoxicating combination.”

Patricia Heaton
Emmy-award-winning actress, Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle

“As Metaxas himself says, feel free to gulp. Reading Miracles is one of those life altering experiences.”

Caroline Coleman
author of the novel Loving Soren

“[Metaxas] has taken a difficult and often controversial topic and presented it with clarity. Both erudite and intimate, Metaxas invites even the scoffer to wonder.”

Kirkus Reviews

“No Christian thinker today combines reason and wit, argument and imagination, to greater effect.”

Joseph Loconte
Associate Professor of History at the King’s College, NYC and author, God, Locke, and Liberty: The Struggle for Religious Freedom in the West.

“Miracles is the sort of book that — once you’ve read it — you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.”

Kathie Lee Gifford
Emmy-award-winning host, The Today Show


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