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Washington Times: Eric Metaxas says Planned Parenthood loves Tim Kaine ‘now that he’s out of the womb’

July 25, 2016


Things got awkward on CNN Friday night, when author and pro-life advocate Eric Metaxas slipped in a subtle barb at Planned Parenthood, catching “CNN Tonight” anchor Don Lemon off-guard.

The two were discussing Planned Parenthood’s staunch support of Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, despite his personal pro-life convictions.

Mr. Metaxas suggested the vice-presidential selection was made in order to offset Democrats’ image as “the party of Planned Parenthood and selling baby parts.”

“Now, that’s gruesome — she has to deal with that,” Mr. Metaxas said of Mrs. Clinton. “So I think she probably reached to a religious candidate because she realizes that she’s going to be attacked on that.”

Mr. Lemon responded that Planned Parenthood “certainly has a very high opinion of Tim Kaine” — an opening that Mr. Metaxas simply couldn’t pass up.

“Right, now that he’s out of the womb,” the author quipped.

The line drew an instinctive “Yeah, yeah” from Mr. Lemon, before he realized what his guest had said. After comprehending the remark, he shot Mr. Metaxas a darting glance and rolled his eyes.

“Enough?” Mr. Metaxas asked. “Huh?”

“Yeah,” Mr. Lemon responded, before bringing other guests into the discussion.

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