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My Radio Show starts Monday! Here’s the list of stations and all my guests!

April 18, 2015

My nationally-syndicated radio program starts Monday — broadcasting coast-to-coast from the Empire State Building! Go to for a list of ALL of the stations/affiliates carrying the show! I’m thrilled to be on in New York City and Peoria! I’d like to think that says it all.

This really will be the show “about everything”! To prove that, my first week’s guests include:

My very first guest, the 92-year-old Dame Alice von Hildebrand, who will tell us our first “MIRACLE MONDAY story about something extraordinary that happened in 1940! She’ll also talk about her brand new book, Memoirs of a Happy Failure. She’s a pip!

On the third anniversary of Chuck Colson’s death, I’ll be talking with my Breakpoint Colleague John Stonestreet and Owen Strachan about Chuck’s life and legacy. Owen has a new book about Chuck coming out soon — and I’m hoping we can bring Chuck’s daughter Emily Colson into the conversation as well!

Bigtime theater producer Carolyn Copeland talking about Amazing Grace: the Musical coming to Broadway this summer! I saw it in Chicago and yes, it is amazing!

Rod Dreher, talking about his spectacular new book How Dante Saved My Life.

In this week’s “THINGS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE” segment, the effervescent and brilliant Thomas Howard will be talking about his landmark book Chance or the Dance? — which changed my life, in case I didn’t mention that. I hope it will touch yours. For those who don’t know him, Tom is a combination of Bennett Cerf and C.S. Lewis — with a side of Jack Benny thrown in.

Dr. Gregory Alan Thornbury, the boy-wonder President of the King’s College in New York City, talking with me about King’s — and about what God is doing in NYC, which turns out to be a whole lot, as you’ll hear.

Talkshow host phenom Dennis Prager, kibbitzing with me about his new book on the 10 Commandments. Remember them?!

Dr. Karen Swallow Prior talking with me about her new bio on Hannah More, for which I had the privilege to write the foreword! Hannah More and Wilberforce were dearest friends and lifelong co-laborers in the Abolitionist movement, among other vital things.

And last but not least, the ebullient Joy Eggerichs, talks about L-O-V-E… and about!

And have we mentioned that the music is fabulous? From the Mills Brothers to the Doobie Brothers, we aims to please. (Next Monday, the 27th, we’ll have Keith and Kristyn Getty with us in studio! Stay tuned!)

So please join us on Monday and tell your friends! We couldn’t do this without you, and that’s a fact.

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