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New York Times: Trump’s “Hair” Born In Kenya

Thursday, April 28th

Capybara_Hattiesburg_Zoo.jpg** BIG NEWS ** Adding new oxygen and delicious irony to the almost dead Trump/Birther story, a document given to the New York Times on Tuesday is said to prove that the animal whose pelt Donald Trump has been using as a hairpiece for the last decade came from a young “Goldilocks” Capybara, but that the animal was born in captivity in a wildlife sanctuary in Kenya.

The animals are natives of South America, but many of them, whose prohibitively expensive pelts are harvested for this purpose — and sold on the black market to high-net-worth individuals around the world — were specifically bred for this purpose by a legendary “false hair magnate” known to be based in Kenya at the time of the sale over ten years ago…  His whereabouts are currently unknown …DEVELOPING…

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